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Highlight: fnx and FalleN in spectacular 2 vs 5 clutch

Age is just a number when you are as gifted as "fnx" and "FalleN"

The lowest ranked team at the PGL Major 2022 in Antwerp is Imperial. Currently ranked as the #32 best team in the world, the Brazilians are not only the underdogs of the prestigious event but are averaging the oldest roster out all teams. With an average age of 28.4, the iconic Brazilians will have to draw upon their experience and abbility to remain calm and collected in pressured situations, to make it far at the event.

Two of the oldest, and perhaps most iconic, players within the Imperial line-up, "FalleN" and "fnx" proved just how necessary experience and the ability to remain calm and collected in high-pressure situations is when facing forZe yesterday. After finding themselves left alone against five standing opponents, "fnx" and "FalleN" had to do everything between the two of them to secure the round for their team.

Finding the perfect opportunities for them to fight and pick apart the five forZe members one by one, the two Brazilians executed a masterclass in remaining composed and clutching a round that seemed impossible otherwise. Thanks to the great synergy between the two and a huge 4K from "FalleN", Imperial managed to put another round on the board thanks to just "fnx" and "FalleN" - take a look:

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