Last Dance, Imperial

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Imperial: The Old Boys

A preview of Imperial ahead of the Major!

With an average age of 28.4, the Brazilians of Imperial is the oldest roster at the major. But age is just a number, right?

Lincoln "fnx" Lau, 32, started his career all the way back in Counter-Strike 1.6 where he was played for household organizations such as mibr, compLexity, and paiN. In 2016 the rifler was hailed as the 19th best player in the world. The veteran has not been competing at the top level for a long time but has now come back to show that he still has what it takes.

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo aka. The Godfather of Brazilian Counter-Strike, 30, is one of the most tenured IGLs in all of CS:GO. At the height of his career, he led the best players in the game, including his current teammates "fnx" and "fer" to many S-tier events wins, including two majors. His individual prowess with the AWP has also yielded him two top 6 spots on HLTV's top 20.

Fernando "fer" Alvarenga, 30, is known for his ability to always catch his opponents off-guard with his excellent aggressive maneuvers. With an opening kill rating of 1.12 versus top30 teams, he is ranked as the 11th best player of all time in opening duels. The impact he has on a team has earned him two spots on the HLTV top20, one as #3.

Ricardo "boltz" Prass, 25, the 18th best player of 2017 has been a part of the professional Brazilian CS:GO scene since 2014. He has been a valuable component of a large number of the biggest Brazilian rosters throughout the last eight years. He placed second at the PGL Major Kraków 2017 as a part of Immortals and won ESL Pro League Season 6 as a part of SK Gaming.

The last player on the Imperial squad is Vinicius "VINI" Figueiredo. The 22-year-old is most known for his supportive work in FURIA, where he played for more than four years and was an integral part of the meteoric rise they had in 2018/2019. "VINI" is by far the youngest player on the team, but what he lacks in wisdom he makes up for in skill.

Between them, these five men, who have not been playing together for much more than three months, have six MVPs, countless trophies, and more than 60 years of professional Counter-Strike experience between them.
The team is currently sitting at a 72.7% win rate, and are up 9-5 in maps versus other teams attending the major. The Brazilians have yet to test the waters on the other side of the Atlantic though, as they have only been playing against North- and South American teams since they came together as a squad and were picked up by Imperial.
Imperial will be without their coach Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu, who just a few days ago was banned from the event due to use of the free-roam spectator bug in 2018.
It has been a long time since many of these players have been at the absolute top, but now they once again have to show what they are made of!

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