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Highest-Rated Players of 2022 so far

Will this be Martin "stavn" Lund's big breakthrough at the very top of CS:GO?

We are soon a quarter deep into the year, with the first four months having presented a myriad of blockbuster transfers, FaZe’s two impressive victories at IEM Katowice and ESL Pro League S15, and NAVI’s following drop from the CS:GO throne. Something, not many would have thought going into 2022.

We have decided to take a look at the best performing individuals at the top of CS:GO so far this year – and by looking at the statistics, it’s no shock that most of the leaderboards are topped or represented by NAVI’s Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev.

Worth mentioning are Heroic’s powerful rifler Martin “stavn” Lund and Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş from Eternal Fire, who both are to be found among the very best performers.

Top 10 Highest-Rated Players 2022 (vs Top 30):

1. s1mple (NAVI) 1.34 Rating (+280 K-D difference)

2. sh1ro (Gambit) 1.32 (+299)

3. stavn (Heroic) | 1.25 (+)155

4. Ax1Le (Gambit) | 1.23 (+155)

5. XANTARES (Eternal Fire) | 1.20 (+121)

6. broky (FaZe) | 1.19 (+250)

7. roeJ (CPH Flames) 1.19 (+125)

8. Hobbit (Gambit) | 1.18 (+84)

9. Spinx (ENCE) 1.17 (+193)

10. NiKo (G2) | 1.17 (+73)

XANTARES and the rest of Eternal Fire are Major bound after qualifying for the PGL Antwerp Major last week

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