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Graffiti series: When coldzera turned into godzera

A flashback to one of the best and most iconic plays in CS:GO history!

Marcelo “coldzera” David will undoubtedly go down as one of the best players in the history of CS:GO.

coldzera has one certain play that always will be a synonym for his career. Although it’s clear that he possesses immaculate Counter-strike abilities, the Brazilian completely outdid himself at this particular moment.

The year was 2016, the event was the MLG Major in Columbus, it was a semi-final and the opponent was Team Liquid. The setting couldn’t have been any bigger.

Team Liquid went towards B for the execute, where coldzera was placed as the sole defender, which got the caster saying “cold might be in trouble”. But coldzera showed him wrong.

When the entire Team Liquid roster rushed out of B apartments, coldzera turned into godzera and did something magical only he could do. Without any hesitation, he decides to do a jump no-scope killing two opponents with one shot, a completely miraculous act. He afterwards killed nitr0 again with a no-scope, and lastly helped by TACO to take down the last opponent. A completely outstanding and incredible play and something that never will be recreated.

Valve decided to honour the play by adding a permanent graffiti on the wall next to coldzera’s exact position, portraying a bewinged AWP with four skulls on top of it.

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