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GamerLegion destroys 9z in huge opener at IEM Rio

What a start for the GamerLegion boys!

The first match at IEM Rio is done and dusted! GamerLegion only took 47 minutes to completely annihilate 9z on Inferno.

It was a superb T side for GamerLegion that saw them win eight rounds in a row before 9z finally found a response. In front of a very loud crowd in Rio, 9z did not manage to win any more rounds during the first half. The youngest team at the Challenger Stage lost many close rounds, which the individual scoreboard also revealed.

But down 14-1 it did not take GamerLegion long to find the remaining two rounds to win the match and lock in their first victory at IEM Rio.

Both teams are back in action later tonight!

9z - GamerLegion 0-1 | IEM Rio RMR (Challenger Stage)

6-16 (Inferno) | Ivan "iM" Mihai – 1.48 Rating / 19–10 K-D / 100.3 ADR

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