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forZe behind another upset in Group B

The Russian stand-ins started off brilliantly with a 2-1 victory against Complexity.

It has not exactly been a straightforward year for Complexity. Starting with an injury for their Bulgarian AWP player to a roster change in the summer break to another injury. With Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke being sidelined due to an injury shortly before Complexity's opening match at ESL Pro League, the expectations for "The Juggernaut" were once again lowered. Not because his stand-in Niels Christian "NaToSaphiX" Sillassen is a bad match for Complexity, but because they once again would have to perform under difficult circumstances.

Their match against forZe was symptomatic for their year - filled with ups and mostly downs. It started on Mirage, where forZe proved too hard to manage. The Russians won their own map pick and got a good start to their ESL Pro League, where they are participating instead of Renegades, who could not travel to Europe due to Covid-19 restrictions.

On Nuke Benjamin 'blameF' Bremer guided his team to 16-12 victory after a very strong CT-side in the second half.

The match decider was set on Ancient. The new map in the competitive map pool revealed some of the cracks in the ceiling for the new Complexity roster, who got steamrolled in the first half. Down 3-12 it was only a question of time before forZe would find the necessary four rounds to seal the deal.

On the positive side, "The Juggernaut" could see their new player Patrick 'es3tag' Hansen deliver an impressive debut. Both teams will be back in action tomorrow.

Complexity - forZe 1-2 | ESL Pro League Season 14

Mirage (12-16) |  KENSI 24-15 K-D / 88.9 ADR / 1.45 rating

Nuke (16-12) |  blameF 25-18 K-D / 109.6 ADR / 1.50 rating

Ancient (16-8) |  FL1T 22-12 K-D / 95.6 ADR / 1.46 rating

MVP:  Aleksandr 'zorte' Zagodyrenko 66-45 K-D / 77.9 ADR / 1.28 rating

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