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Credit: Stephanie Lindgren - ESL

FaZe completes the comeback against Vitality

A 30-round thriller was on the cards as FaZe took their second victory

The first battle between the 1-0 teams saw FaZe take on Vitality. Both teams had very convincing wins in the opening round, but against teams of a significantly lower level. To decide the Bo1, the teams had to do battle on Mirage, a map that Vitality have not had a lot of luck on recently as they are zero for five.

FaZe, on the T-side, convincingly won the pistol round, and immediately put some space between themselves and their Danish/French opponents. With a four-round streak, Vitality closed the gap to the world's #1, and once again we had a tie game. No team was able to really put the other down and at halftime, it was a FaZe lead of 8-7.
Vitality quickly took over the lead after switching sides and were completely destroying FaZe on an individual level. But at the score of 13-8, FaZe refound their form. They made the clutch comeback to win the game at 16-14 and now sit at 2-0.

Vitality - FaZe 0-1 | PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR A

14-16 (Mirage) | ropz - 1.21 Rating / 24-16 K-D / 84.5 ADR

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