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FaZe advance at IEM Cologne after 2-1 victory

FaZe win their battle against Team Spirit and avoid elimination

The fourth day of the IEM Cologne 2021 event will feature many top-tier matches between some of the biggest teams in the entire world. To start the day was the big brawl between Iconic FaZe and the CIS roster from Team Spirit. The Bo3-series wasn’t just any series – it was a battle for survival at the event where only one out of the two would be able to advance further. FaZe has looked very good so far at the event, however, they are a team who have experienced difficulties with remaining consistent. Today was also a tumultuous affair for the FaZe roster as they almost threw away the series on the second map of Inferno. In the end, however, they closed it out and won 2-1 against Team Spirit.

The first map was the pick of the Russian roster from Team Spirit. The map pool of the CIS team is, arguably, one of the weaknesses of the team at this current moment of time, and with Dust 2 being banned by FaZe it meant that the first map was to be played on Overpass. Despite being a solid map for the Russians it was the FaZe roster to start the strongest with huge CT-sided holds from “broky”, “olofmeister” and “Twistzz”. However, this proved to be all smoke and mirrors as the FaZe roster failed to keep up with Team Spirit without the hero-like plays from their individuals. Slowly but surely, it was Team Spirit to grind out the FaZe roster and finish Overpass as they had intended at the scoreline of 16-11.

The second map was picked by FaZe and saw the Bo3-series continue on Inferno. Whilst FaZe has not had too much success on the map as of recent it becomes clear as to why it was picked when looking at Team Spirit’s win rate. In the past three months, Teams Spirit has only managed to win 27% of their games on Inferno. This, however, didn’t show in the early stages of Inferno, as both teams came out of the gate ready to battle for their survival at IEM Cologne 2021. Despite the even start it was FaZe to shift gears and turn up the heat. Taking one round after the other they managed to create an incredible lead at 11-4 after the first half.

However, as good as the first half had been for FaZe, just as bad was the second half for the European roster. Having only won four rounds in the first half it looked almost impossible for Team Spirit to close this series out in just two maps. But it wasn’t impossible after all. After a strategical masterclass from Team Spirit, they managed to claw themselves back and even things out at 13-13. Despite Team Spirit’s incredible comeback to make things interesting, it proved to be all for nothing in the end as FaZe pulled themselves together and closed out Inferno at the scoreline of 16-13.

The third and final map was to be played on Vertigo. Just like Inferno had ended it was a close affair over on Vertigo. Neither team was ready to accept defeat and carried on exchanging round after round. Due to a strong first half from FaZe, however, they had the momentum carrying through to the second half and they looked the slightly stronger roster as they gained a slight lead at 13-10 on their t-side. Despite close rounds from the Russian Team Spirit roster, it slipped away from them in the dying stages of the game and FaZe could walk away with the Bo3-series after closing Vertigo 16-10.

Map 1 – Overpass

16-11 Team Spirit | degster 1.66 Rating / 89.7 ADR / 28-11 K-D

Map 2 – Inferno

16-13 FaZe | Twistzz 1.37 Rating / 105.0 ADR / 25-20 K-D

Map 3 – Vertigo

16-10 FaZe | Twistzz 1.59 Rating / 108.7 ADR / 25-14 K-D

Highlight of the BO1-series


Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken| 1.34 Rating - 72-52 K/D - 99.7 ADR - 70.7% KAST

IEM Cologne 2021 update – FURIA vs Renegades (2-0)

Whilst FaZe and Team Spirit were battling for their survival at IEM Cologne 2021 another Bo3-series in the lower bracket took place. The Brazilians from FURIA welcomed the Australian Renegades roster to a brawl. And a brawl it was, however, perhaps more one-sided than one would have hoped for. The underdogs of Renegades couldn’t manage to make an upset and would have to see themselves beaten and eliminated from the event after a 2-0 defeat to the Brazilian FURIA who now advance further.

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