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Entropiq coach after eliminating G2: We proved that we’re really good on LAN

Dmitriy "hooch" Bogdanov had high praises for his boys after a splendid victory against G2, which sealed them a playoff ticket at ESL Pro League.

The star-studded G2 squad will not be in the playoff stage at ESL Pro League Season 15.

That became a reality yesterday when Nikola “NiKo” Kovac and the rest of his gang fell short to the Russian underdogs from Entropiq in a thrilling 2-1 series. And it wasn’t because G2 didn't have the chances to secure the victory themselves, with the #2 ranked team squandering a 14-7 and 13-8 lead on Dust2 and on the deciding map of Nuke.

After the match, ESL got the chance to speak with Entropiq’s head coach, Dmitriy "hooch" Bogdanov, who had praise for his team after crushing G2’s playoff dreams.

- It was a nice comeback by us. It reminded us about our Funspark tournament, where we also managed to come back two times being down like 15-7 and 14-7, hooch, who turns 35 years old today, said to ESL.

- It was a great present for me. I’m really exhausted right now because it was a hard match and also a hard emotional match. But I’m really happy my boys proved that they can be really good on LAN, playing in such hard circumstances when being down like 14-7 after losing the first map where we were up 15-11. That just shows that this team has character and balls.

You can find the entire interview right here.

Yesterday’s victory meant that Entropiq is playoff-bound alongside the Swedish duo in NIP and Fnatic, even though there’s still one round to play in Group A. The remaining three matches will all be played tonight at 19:30 (CET) to determine the seeding going into the playoff.

Group A | Sunday schedule

19.30: G2 – NIP

19.30: Fnatic – Entropiq

19.30: Looking For Org – MOUZ

Group A | Standings

1. NIP | 12 Points / +63 Round difference

2. Fnatic | 9 Points / +21 Round difference

3. Entropic | 9 Points / +12 Round difference

4. G2 | 3 Points / -15 Round difference

5. MOUZ | 12 Points / +63 Round difference

6. Looking For OG | 12 Points / +63 Round difference

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