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ENCE take down Heroic and advance to the playoffs

ENCE just keep on rolling!

Heroic and ENCE had the chance to take a place in the playoffs as they faced each other in a Bo3. The teams arrived in this advantageous position after beating G2 and Outsiders in the 1-1 bracket.

Off the back of a ridiculous start from "TeSeS" Heroic took a massive 8-0 lead on the T side of their map pick, Overpass. As Heroic loosened their grip, "Spinx" stepped up to bat and amazingly led his team back into the lead with a ten-round streak. In the end, it came right down to the wire, and in the 30th round of play, the Danes were able to secure the victory.

Moving on to the second map of Mirage the first half was just about a repeat of Overpass'. Heroic started great but only barely held the lead at halftime as ENCE were ever vigilant.
Heroic picked up the second pistol round and another two were converted as a result, but that is when the ENCE hammer fell down upon the Danes. "Snappi" and co. ended the map on a 9-1 streak, denying everything that Heroic tried. Especially the A-site was a problem for "cadiaN"s squad as "dycha" and "Maden" performed admirably on the defense.

Nuke was the deciding map of the series, and after fifteen rounds it looked extremely grim for Heroic. The Danes started on the T side and were round after round stopped by the dynamic duo of "dycha" and "Spinx". ENCE had a dominating 12-3 lead at halftime.
Heroic did not have much to say after switching sides, and contrary to the first two maps of the series, Nuke ended up being a booming blowout at 16-6.

With the win, ENCE find their way into the playoffs, while Heroic will have one last chance tomorrow.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

ENCE - Heroic 2-1 | PGL Major Antwerp Legends Stage

14-16 (Overpass) | TeSeS - 1.31 Rating / 25-22 K-D / 99.7 ADR

16-12 (Mirage) | dycha - 1.32 Rating / 24-19 K-D / 97.0 ADR

16-6 (Nuke) | dycha - 1.47 Rating / 22-12 K-D / 93.0 ADR

MVP: Pawel "dycha" Dycha - 1.30 Rating / 68-52 K-D / 91.3 ADR

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