ENCE defeat Vitality to secure their third victory in Group C

This victory certainly keeps things interesting in Group C.

ENCE have secured their third victory in Group C at IEM Fall, following an impressive 16-8 win over the Frenchmen from Vitality. Snappi’s troops are now sitting on a second place with a 3-1 record, right under Team Vitality who also are 3-1.

The two teams clashed on Mirage where ENCE grabbed the first two rounds of the match. Vitality answered back when they were able to upgrade their gear, stringing together three rounds to take the lead. But ENCE quickly came back on track and took control of the half by winning five rounds in a row to go up 7-3 on the scoreboard. The Frenchmen managed to grab three rounds before ENCE moved to the T-side with a 9-6 advantage. ZywOo and company were off to a bad start on the defense as ENCE secured the first five rounds of the half. They tried to keep their comeback hopes alive, but ENCE were just too strong on the offense and went on to close the map 16-8, only allowing the Frenchmen to add two rounds in the second half.

ENCE – Team Vitality 1-0 | IEM Fall 2021 Europe

Mirage (16-8) | Snappi – 1.39 Rating / 19-11 / 85.7 ADR

OG – Dignitas 1-0 | IEM Fall 2021 Europe

Inferno (16-10) | flameZ – 1.62 Rating / 25-20 / 108.7 ADR

MAD Lions – Sprout 1-0 | IEM Fall 2021 Europe

Ancient (16-12) | jL – 1.30 Rating / 23-20 / 94.2 ADR

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