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Dupreeh: I'm ashamed of anyone who behaves like that

Hateful messages and death threats are a part of the life of a professional CS:GO player due to betting losses.

The Danish media TV2 Sport has spoken to two of the Astralis stars about the subject.

“The tone on the internet is way too harsh in my opinion. It is way too violent and very embarrassing. I'm ashamed of anyone who behaves like that.”

The stereotype behind these violent messages is very clear for Dane Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, it is nine times out of ten people who have lost money due to betting on the individual or his/her team.

“I do understand that it can be frustrating to lose money on betting, but it belongs nowhere to behave in such manner.”

Another Astralis player Emil “Magisk” Reif is also a victim of these violent and harsh messages, but he thinks that it is a part of being on this level. But he can’t figure out why it is like that.

“Unfortunately, I think that when you live in the world, that we do today, where the majority of things is happening online, I think it near impossible to put a stopper for these messages.”

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