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Astralis Talent 16-0 tame Finns

Astralis talent played a game of Matchmaking in the WePlay Academy league.

The WePlay Academy League Season 6 took place to domination. In a match between Ence Academy and Astralis Talent, the young Danes played a MatchMaking match if you look at the score line. The young players from Denmark played ENCE Academy on Overpass, a map that ENCE should not have left open. Starting off on the CT side were the Danes, and after just 3 rounds, they took the match into their hand and destroyed the Finns with a 0-15 scoreline in the first half. Despite being destroyed 16 to something is hard but losing the second pistol round to make it 0-16 in favor of Astralis Talent, is just humiliation for the ENCE players.

ENCE Academy vs. Astralis Talent | WePlay Academy League Season 6

0-16 (Overpass) | Alexander "brO" Bro // 23-6 K-D // +17 +- // 132.2 ADR // 2.25 Rating.

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