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Video: Insane highlights from blameF

The newly signed Astralis player has produced some crazy highlights over the years - take a look!

Many people had for a long time been wondering two things in regard to the Danish Astralis; what has happened to the dominating Danes and how will they get back on their feet? The first attempt on regaining traction since losing "device" was made official a week ago - "blameF" and "k0nfig" were signed as part of the new-look Astralis roster.

With the two new signings come a lot of new firepower, seeing that both "blameF" and "k0nfig" can carry an entire Bo3-series if they are feeling themselves. Perhaps most notably as of late, the former Juggernaut in Benjamin "blameF" Bremer has proven that he is able to carry his team on the back, whether it be strategically as the IGL or due to his own individual fragging ability. Having worked hard and disciplined himself in the gym for years, the Hulk of Counter-Strike will undoubtedly be putting in the required work under the Astralis banner.

With hard work often comes reward and that has been no different for "blameF". Often outfragging his teammates, despite the demanding tasks that come with being an IGL, he has produced many incredible highlights throughout his time at Complexity. Astralis have compiled some of the best moments produced by their new star-signing and posted it on their own Youtube channel - take a look down below:

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