Credit: Astralis Group

Clip: Crazy P250 clutch from young Astralis talent

A cool, calm, and collected clutch from "Fessor"

Astralis is quite possibly the most well-known organization within the realms of CS:GO. Having sported the arguably strongest Counter-Strike roster-core and won four majors there are no teams who have accomplished what the Danes of Astralis have managed over the years. As of recent times, however, the Astralis roster has had to make room for powerful CIS teams such as NaVi in the top of the rankings. Despite of this, the Astralis Talent roster is beginning to pick up form and it seems as if it is only a matter of time before one of these talented Danes gets the chance at a higher level.

A player that has recently proven himself capable of remaining calm and collected in intense situations is Frederik "Fessor" Sørensen. When facing against NAVI Junior he managed to win a clutch round with two satisfying P250 headshots. Using the pillar as coverage he takes his time and manages to separate the two opposing players closing him down.

Take a look at the satisfying clutch from the only 20 years old "Fessor" from Astralis Talent:

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