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BIG Academy ready for Grand Final at WePlay Academy League Season 3

The Germans got the better of Astralis Talent in the Consolidation Final.

It will be BIG Academy, which will be tasked with the mission to dethrone MOUZ NXT at WePlay Academy League Season 3.

After two closely fought maps on Nuke and Inferno, it was BIG Academy who proved to be the best team against Astralis Talent. Marcel 'hyped' Köhn from BIG Academy had a feast on Inferno with multiple opening kills and a solid 30 bomb to seal the deal for BIG in the match.

BIG will play the Grand Final later tonight against MOUZ NXT, where the two teams fight for the $45,000 in first prize.

Astralis Talent is out on third place, which is their best finish in the three seasons of WePlay Academy League.

BIG Academy – Astralis Talent (2-0) | WePlay Academy League Season 3

16-13 (Nuke) | Krimbo – 1.28 Rating / 20-18 K-D / 95.2 ADR

16-14 (Mirage) |

hyped – 1.86 Rating / 34-14 K-D / 111.6 ADR

MVP: Marcel 'hyped' Köhn - 1.50 Rating / 58-33 K-D / 90.3 ADR

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