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Live: hREDS vs. Astralis Talent

Could one of the young Danes fill the shoes of "device"?

Counter-Strike talent is seemingly everywhere, especially in this online climate of CS:GO. One of the greatest teams of all time is undisputedly Astralis. The Danish organization has put emphasis on the importance of having an academy team to help grow and facilitate the brightest talents in Counter-Strike. Perhaps now, more than ever, they are looking for a new star - a talented player that can grow to become the next "device".

The Astralis Talent roster will be taking on hREDS in a Bo3-series at the Spring Sweet Spring 2 Regionals event. Take a look at some of the greatest talents in the Danish Counter-Strike scene and see if they are up for the task provided by the Finish roster of hREDS.

You can watch the Bo3-series LIVE right here:

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