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dupreeh: We fixed 90% of the positions with Spinx coming in

We spoke with "dupreeh" after Vitality's victory against G2 yesterday

Vitality, since signing the Danish duo of "Magisk" and "dupreeh" have experienced some difficulties with finding their groove and remaining a consistent force to be reckoned with. Whilst they still need to prove to everyone that they can remain consistent in getting great results and ultimately securing Grand Finals with the roster, it seems as if something great is definitely on the horizon.

Beating the stacked roster of G2 yesterday in the ongoing BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 event, Vitality are seemingly in a great position with their newest signing "Spinx". If you ask the Danish rifler "dupreeh", the addition of "Spinx" has helped the roster a lot:

"I think we have a really good work ethic right now... The most important thing for me in Counter-Strike is that the roles fit, like everyone is playing the thing that they want to play and i think we fixed at least 90% of that, doing this replacement."

To hear more from "dupreeh" on yesterday's brawl against G2, as well as the upcoming future of Vitality, you can watch the exclusive interview posted down below:

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