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Cool, calm, and collected - The story of "NAF"

Take a look at how the calmest player of Counter-Strike rose to the top

When talking about North American Counter-Strike, and in particular Team Liquid, one name springs to mind immediately - Keith "NAF" Markovic. The 23-year-old Canadian rifler has been with liquid for over 3 years and is one of the carrying forces of the team. From the beginning of his spell to when the North American giants managed to win a Grand Slam, "NAF" has always competed at the highest of levels.

Despite Liquid's minor slump after saying goodbye to their former in-game leader Nick "nitr0" Cannella in July 2020, Liquid seems to have finally found their footing once again. With Brazilian superstar Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo as their new primary AWP'er and in-game leader they seem more than ready to take on the 2021 season.

One of the many reasons for Team Liquid's impressive performances in the last three years can be said to be because of "NAF". Whilst the competition gets fierce at such an impressive level of Counter-Strike, fighting against the best teams in the world, "NAF" is never fazed and rarely shows any signs of frustrations.

The rifler's ability to stay calm, even in the most intense of situations, has granted him the nickname "The sloth". Whilst, calmness is without any doubt an instrumental trait of his, the similarities end there as he is nothing but dangerous when entering the server.

Take a look at how the calmest player of Counter-Strike managed to chill his way to the top of the rankings with Team Liquid:

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