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Complexity loses to Vitality in jks debut

Group B opened with a three map thriller. Complexity is now under pressure.

In Blast Premier Fall Complexity and Team Vitality delivered an entertaining start in Group B.

It started well for jks and his new teammates from Complexity. On their map pick, the team started strong on Nuke. The Australian was mostly trading kills, while RUSH and blameF were leading the assault on The French team from Vitality.

Behind 5-0 Team Vitality suddenly fought their way back. ZywOo, shox, and misutaaa were all putting in numbers. In the end, the team won 16-14 after a couple of strange situations. See them here.

[link:{"url":"https://pley.gg/news/video-knives-out-zywoo-stabs-apex","text":"ZywOo stabs teammate"}]

[link:{"url":"https://pley.gg/news/video-where-is-bomb","text":"Complexity loses the round after big confusion "}]

In the break between the maps, Team Vitality subbed of misutaaa and replaced him with Nivera.

Dust2 started with a direct duel between ZywOo and jks. The Frenchman was on the hunt for an ace in the pistol round, but jks stepped up and took down the star player to complete a quad-kill round.

On a very strong CT-side Complexity took the first half with 10-5. On both teams, the debutants were leading their team’s kill score. In the second half of Dust2, Complexity’s two Danes, KOnfig and blameF dominated the server and claimed Vitality’s map pick with 16-12.

For the first time in Blast Premier Fall Vertigo was going to be the decider.

Once again Team Vitality subbed their roster in the break. This time Nivera, who made a good debut on Dust2, was replaced by misutaaa.

The substitution did not do the trick for the French team in the beginning. But like the first two maps, the world's number 3 managed to initiate a comeback. Being 10-5 down, Team Vitality took the lead for the first time at 12-11.

And just as it seemed like ZywOo and the gang would take home the victory, blameF stepped up.

Twice at the end of the match, he made clutches that helped his team back in the game. But one more time it all changed again. Team Vitality took four rounds in a row and won an almost four-hour match 16-14.

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