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Cloud9 win CIS derby

Outsiders drop down to the lower bracket at IEM Cologne.

A pure CIS derby was on the card in the opening round of Group B. Outsiders and Cloud9 went head to head on Dust2, where it was Ax1Le and sh1ro, who dominated hard. Jame and his teammates had no real answers to the dynamic duo and lost their own map pick 16-6.

The roles were reversed on the second map, where Outsiders took advantage of the CT meta and took an 11-4 lead with them to the second half. But then Cloud9 came back after winning the pistol round and made it all the way to 11-11 before the Outsiders finally found a round. For Cloud9 it was this time interz who spearheaded the roster with a fine performance.

In the end, it came down to a last-second defuse from Hobbit to secure the victory for Cloud9 who continues their LAN run from IEM Dallas. They will now face the winner of FURIA and Astralis in the next round.

Cloud9 - Outsiders 2-0 | IEM Cologne

16-6 (Dust2) | Ax1Le - 1.72 Rating / 21-7 K-D / 101.6 ADR

16-12 (Ancient) | interz - 1.42 Rating / 25-18 K-D / 99.1 ADR

MVP: Sergey 'Ax1Le' Rykhtorov - 1.36 Rating / 42-25 K-D / 87.8 ADR

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