Captain America leads Liquid to a huge victory at BLAST Fall Finals |
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Credit: Helena Kristiansson ESL

Captain America leads Liquid to a huge victory at BLAST Fall Finals

Team Liquid is ready for Royal Arena after a 2-1 win against NAVI

An impressive display from Team Liquid’s in-game leader Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella saw the North Americans edge out NAVI in the Group B final at BLAST Fall Finals in Copenhagen.

On Inferno, it was a rare sight, as nitr0 went above and beyond what could be expected from the in-game leader who dropped 31 kills on the map that ended as close as it got with a 16-14 win for Liquid.

The excellent start to the match did not carry over to Dust2. Here NAVI outclassed Liquid, who woke up to late to spoil Perfecto’s birthday party on the map. The Russian was NAVI’s highest-rated player on his 23-year-old birthday.

But unluckily for him, another birthday party was launched on the other side of the server, where Keith "NAF" Markovic’s teammates began celebrating his 25-year-old birthday with a superb showing. Again it was “Captain America” himself leading the way for Liquid, who repeated their victory from the IEM Major against NAVI. A 16-7 win on Mirage qualifies Liquid directly for the Semi-Finals on Saturday in the Royal Arena and also locks in their spot at the Worlds Finals in December in Abu Dhabi.

NAVI will get another chance to qualify tomorrow when they face NIP tomorrow. 

Team Liquid - NAVI 2-1 | BLAST Premier Fall Finals

16-14 (Inferno)  nitr0 – 1.42 Rating / 31-19 K-D / 96.9 ADR

12-16 (Dust2) | NAF – 1.30 Rating / 21-17 K-D / 95.0 ADR

16-7 (Mirage) |  nitr0 – 1.51 Rating / 22-13 K-D / 96.6 ADR

MVP: Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis – 1.25 Rating / 59-58 K-D / 86.7 ADR



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