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BIG: The headshot machine of 2022

Four out of five BIG players occupy the top 5 for headshot percentage

Whilst they are 'only' ranked as 12th. best team in the world, according to the official HLTV rankings, the Berlin-based CS:GO roster of BIG is a dangerous beast. Not only are they incredibly cohesive, but they are also scarily consistent. Whilst it has been some time since they were considered in real contention for the top 5, there is one area in particular that they excel in - headshots.

So far in the 2022 season of professional Counter-Strike, albeit still very fresh, the well-oiled German machine has looked deadly when it comes to hitting the heads of their opponent. As a matter of fact they occupy four spots in the top 5 of players with the best headshot percentage:

  1. k0nfig (Astralis) - 58.8%

  2. k1to (BIG) - 58.0%

  3. tiziaN (BIG) - 56.9%

  4. faveN (BIG) - 54.3%

  5. tabseN (BIG) - 53.6%

The only player beating them is currently the Astralis star in "k0nfig". Whilst this may be the case it is clear that no team in its entirety has been as potent when it comes to clicking heads as BIG. The only player missing from the BIG roster is of course their AWP'er "syrsoN" and for obvious reasons. Whilst he isn't hitting headshots as frequently, he himself is a scary beast to face.

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