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BIG eliminate G2 from BLAST Fall Groups

The Germans pulled off a comeback on Inferno to wrap up the series 2-0 and send G2 to the Showdown event.

With a 2-0 victory over G2, BIG secured their spot at the LAN finals in Denmark, taking place November 24-28. G2 on the other hand, have been eliminated from Fall Groups and pushed down to the dreaded BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.

The action started on BIG’s map pick of Dust2, where the German squad quickly bounced back with a force buy win after losing the pistol round on the defensive side. Apart from a brief period in which they were able to go toe-to-toe with their enemies, G2 simply could not sustain the pressure as BIG raced to a 9-6 lead. When BIG won the pistol in the second half, it seemed like they were going to close out the map fast, but G2 wanted it differently. This time, they bounced back with a force buy win and grabbed three rounds in a row to lower their deficit to only one round. BIG composed themselves, however, and put in a strong offensive performance in the end of the second half to close out the map 16-12.

G2 came out on Inferno looking a different side, strolling to a 10-3 lead following a dominant period on the attacking side. BIG managed to grab the last two rounds of the half before winning five consecutive rounds in a row on the offensive side, equalizing the score at 10-10. Their grip on the game loosened after that as G2 capitalized on errors and made it to match point after stringing together five rounds. However, BIG came alive and immediately took the upper hand, winning another five rounds without response to force overtime, where they grabbed the victory and wrapped up the series 2-0.

BIG – G2 2-0 | BLAST Premier Fall Groups

Dust2 (16-12) | gade – 1.42 Rating / 25-18 / 87.0 ADR
Inferno (19-17) | NiKo – 1.46 Rating / 27-20 / 92.7 ADR

MVP: Nikola “NiKo” Kovac – 1.32 Rating / 48-40 / 91.0 ADR / 70.3% KAST

Despite losing the series, G2’s NiKo finished as the highest rated player in the series. 18 opening kills wasn’t enough for the Bosnian to power his team to victory.

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