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Credit: ESL | Bart Oerbekke

BIG defeats MIBR in Group B final

Berlin International Gaming took down the Brazilians 2-1 in the Flashpoint 2 Group B final.

This clash was a replay from the opening round between BIG and MIBR where the Germans took the win 2-1 and today, they managed to do the same. BIG took the victory in two close games on Nuke (16-13) and Vertigo (16-14).

Despite losing the series 1-2, Vinicius “vsm” Moreira finished the match as the top-rated player with the most kills resulting in a 74-57 score, 1.32 rating, and 86.2 ADR.

The Brazilians definitely managed to put up a stronger performance than last time where they only managed to get 20 rounds in total and it seems like they are proving match by match how far they can go.

“We are happy with our evolution since the last game against BIG, we sinned at some crucial moments and today they took it.” MIBR’s coach wrote on Twitter after the game. 

BIG has secured the first seed of the group going into the playoffs.

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