Credit: ESL Stephanie Lindgren

BIG barrel past Cloud9 in Roobet Cup semi-final

BIG are looking so strong at the moment!

The first semi-final at Roobet Cup saw the Germans of BIG take on the CIS roster of Cloud9.

It came as no surprise when BIG picked Dust2 as the first map, but it was a surprise how hard they stomped Cloud9, who are excellent on Dust2. The Germans dominantly won their T side 14-1, and though they let the CIS squad take a fair bit of rounds in the second half, the victory was never in doubt.

The BIG squad played another great first half on the second map of Inferno. With 'syrsoN' hitting seemingly every shot with the AWP he was absolutely unstoppable on the CT side where he ended 19-4. The Germans led 10-5 at halftime.
Cloud9 looked dangerous as they were making a comeback with a six-round streak after losing the opening pistol round and the conversion, but the solid BIG squad was undeterred and kept playing their game. The Germans won the map 16-12 and took a spot in the Grand Final.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

BIG - Cloud9 2-0 | Roobet Cup 2022

16-9 (Dust2) | tiziaN - 1.59 Rating / 25-15 K-D / 88.2 ADR

16-12 (Inferno) | syrsoN - 1.52 Rating / 30-12 K-D / 90.1 ADR

MVP: Tizian 'tiziaN' Feldbusch - 1.44 Rating / 47-32 K-D / 91.2 ADR

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