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Ax1Le on possible interz return: It might happen if our results will be very bad

Ax1Le" Rykhtorov sheds light on the situation and talks about the possibility of interz's return.

In a recent interview with, Cloud9’s Sergey “Ax1Le” Rykhtorov spoke about the benching of Timofey “inters” Yakushin and the possibility of his return to Cloud9’s main roster.

During the interview, Ax1Le stated that the coach and management made the decision to replace interz and that they took part in the selection process during try-outs. He expressed sadness about losing a good friend in interz and added that he still keeps in touch with him.

“Basically, the coach and management come to the decision to replace the player. We took part in the selection of players during the try-outs. After losing the major, there was a little depression: I understood that most likely someone would be replaced. Timofey is a very good person, I still keep in touch with him, we have a lot of local memes. It was sad to say goodbye to him.” – Ax1Le told eScorenews.

Despite the disappointment, Ax1Le expressed confidence in interz's future and believes that he will be back at the tier-1 CS in a short time. He mentioned that interz is currently playing FACEIT and keeping his skills sharp. He concluded by saying that there will always be someone who needs a player like interz and that he's sure that interz will not disappear.

“I believe interz will be back at the Tier-1 Counter-Strike in a short time. He’s playing FACEIT now, keeping his shape. There is always someone who needs such players. In the near future, he may well be called somewhere. I’m sure that he will not disappear.”

When asked if he believes that interz can return to the main roster, Ax1Le stated that it might happen if Cloud9's results are very bad, but he couldn't be sure.

You can read the full interview right here.

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