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apEX praises experienced stand-in: He plays like he’s 15 years old

JACKZ had a stellar Vitality debut posting a 1.63 Rating in the opener in Malta.

Audric “JACKZ” Jug is currently helping out Vitality at ESL Pro League Season 17 due to the absence of the newly-become father Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen. Something the French stand-in has done to perfection so far with a strong individual performance yesterday against Grayhound. 

There was also a lot of admiration and praise for JACKZ from his temporary captain Dan "apEX" Madesclaire when they spoke with ESL following their 2-0 victory over the Aussies.

- He’s old like me, we are both 30. But he still has something to prove and I think he still has it...

- I don’t think JACKZ has been used in the right way in his previous teams with the way he plays. I think he’s a guy who can run first and a guy where you need to put nades around him. The good thing about him is that you know that he won’t stop pressing W.

Youthful aim

Especially JACKZ’s aim is something that impresses apEX.

- It can be really good to have a player like him. And I mean it’s so funny… we have played together for three days and when you see him play it’s like he’s 15 years old with his aim. It’s crazy, apEX explains as he then starts to make fun of his own reaction time.

You can watch the desk segment with apEX and JACKZ down below.

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