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apEX on new Vitality roles: Spinx can do whatever he wants on the server

The French captain has laid out the blueprint on how to get the most out of his new rifler.

Dan “apEX” Madesclaire received a new powerful weapon to his already strong arsenal when Vitality announced the signing of ENCE’s star rifler Lotan “Spinx” Giladi in mid-August. A signing that already looks to have improved the squad immensely.

Spinx and his impressive 2022-season have meant that the 22-year-old Israeli has been given unrestricted freedom on the server, apEX has explained in a 34-minute-long video on Vitality’s Youtube.

- Of course, Lotan [Spinx] is not the same player as Kevin [misutaaa], so there are quite a few positions that change. He also has to find his place in the team. I try to give him a lot of confidence and a free hand in everything. He can do what he wants. He is as free a ZywOo I would say, apEX said and continued:

- Changing a player is not the most complicated thing in CS, but all of us need to adapt. Because it’s not role for role, there are a lot of changes on a lot of maps. Position changes on CT and T, so it complicates things on a lot of maps.

“One of the best riflers in the world”

Spinx also features in the video, where he touches on his goals after signing with Vitality.

- My goal, in the long run, is to show everyone that I’m one of the best riflers in the world, playing for one of the best teams in the world. For now, you have this FaZe/NAVI era with only two teams. I want [Vitality] to be a part of these two teams. I want us to be the team that everyone is trying to beat, Spinx stated.

The entire behind-the-scenes video can be seen right here.

You can also find our own interviews with apEX and Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen. Both our talks with the Vitality players also focus on Spinx and what his arrival has meant or will mean for the French squad. Check them out in the articles below.

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