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apEX: "It's a whole philosophy that has to change"

apEX touches on some of the biggest difficulties with establishing a new Vitality roster

It was clear that at the point of the changes made to the Vitality roster, things weren't looking too bright for the French organization. However, the same could be said for the iconic Danes of Astralis. Two giants had taken a blow after previous years of success and change was needed. Once the news came out that the three Danish superstars in "Magisk", "dupreeh", and "zonic" were set to join Vitality it seemed as if it was the perfect decision for both parties.

Whilst it is still early doors and difficult to access exactly what potential the new-look Vitality roster has, it is clear to everyone that things haven't gone as smoothly as one would have hoped for, at least not in terms of results. Vitality are currently ranked as the eighth-best team in the world, according to the official HLTV rankings, the lowest ranking for the French organization since September 2021.

Many have pointed toward the obvious challenges of communicating in a new language. Both parts of the new international Vitality roster were previously used to communicating with their teammates in their own language. Although positive about the transition into leading in English, IGL Dan "apEX" Madesclaire explains that it poses some issues, especially in heated moments.

"But today comms is a problem for us, especially in heated moments. Even for them, they speak very well, but in CS, it's about finding the right word."

The 29-year-old IGL from France carries on by saying that they have made some early adjustments in order to further approve the communication between the new teammates.

"We're actually working on a dictionary to use words to mean things. For exemple, when we say "Pepsi", it means that we're leaving a position. Like "Pepsi connector", it means that nobody is taking connector rn, it clicks faster. We're working on these mnemotechnical things."

Whilst communication may be posing some early difficulties for the star-studded roster, "apEX" explains how it is more than just a transition to a new language. Succeeding in international rosters has always seemed difficult in the world of CS:GO, and when two different ways of reading, understanding, and playing the game collide, it takes some adaption and compromises to reach the desired level of understanding between members of the roster.

"We have a french way of playing with a system. They are more loose and feeling based. So sometimes we have rounds that look weird, because we don't understand each other. I see things a way, but I have to understand what they want and love to do. It's a whole philosophy that has to change and that's not easy. It's little by little, sometimes I get to call, sometimes I give them freedom, It's not easy to find the balance. They're going to die more than my former players, so the calls are less obvious."

All in all, the passionate IGL of the new-look Vitality roster is not worried. Whilst he acknowledges the early bumps on the road, he is optimistic regarding the future of Vitality.

"It's not about Astralis or Vitality 2021 or 2020, we have to find Vitality 2022 identity. But when we'll get it, when we get the recipe, we'll kick ass. But when? IDK."

To hear everything "apEX" had to say about the recent changes to the Vitality CS:GO roster, how he transitioned into a leading role, and what different strengths and forces the international super-roster has to work with, you can watch the entire interview down below:

Translations in the article above have been made by @neLendirekt

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