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Video: How good is the communication of Vitality?

Is lack of communication what is holding back Vitality's success? Get a peek behind the scenes

Since the signing of the three legendary Danes in riflers "Magisk" and "dupreeh" and head coach "zonic", everybody's eyes have been on Vitality and what they would be able to accomplish with such a star-studded roster. Whilst it hasn't been all bad performances since the new-look roster was shaped and formed, it has by no means lived up to the potential it holds as of yet.

Most recently Vitality failed to advance from their group at the ESL Pro League Season 15 event, which has refueled the conversation as to why the French and Danish combination is yet to perform at a convincing level. Whilst it could, undoubtedly, just be that the five players are yet to have played with each other for a long enough time to feel comfortable, communication may also be a hurdle for Vitality to overcome.

In a Youtube video posted on Vitality's own channel, we are offered a closer look into the communication that goes on mid-game between the five superstars. Take a look and see how the communication between players of the highest caliber functions under high-pressured situations, as well as some fun and laughs in-between matches.

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