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16 teams left in the third RMR qualifier for PGL Antwerpen

The European Open Qualifiers for the upcoming Major still feature some big names.

Is the third time the charm for BIG and Fnatic? Both teams are still left in the Open Qualifiers, where they have failed to qualify in their first two attempts.

Today the last day of the third qualifying tournament goes live at 16.00 (CET).

All teams will need to win two matches in a row to qualify. The first is a best of 1, while the second is played as a best of three.


16.00: BIG vs MAD Lions
16.00: Anonymo vs WinX
16.00: Sprout vs BLUEJAYS
16.00: forZe vs MASONIC
16.00: fnatic vs Illuminar
16.00: UNGENTIUM - Unique
16.00: K23 - SAW
16.00: 1shot vs 777

17.15: BIG/MAD Lions vs Anonymo/WinX
17.15: Sprout/BLUEJAYS vs forZe/MASONIC
17.15: fnatic/Illuminar vs UNGENTIUM/Unique
17.15: K23/SAW vs 1shot/777

You can follow BIG's match(es) on this stream:

You can follow Fnatic's match(es) here:

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