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00Major for coldzera and company

The two-time Major winner and 00Nation has failed to qualify to the upcoming PGL Antwerp Major after falling short against 9z.

00Nation were forced to win their match against 9z today, if they were to stay alive in the important Major qualifier for North and South American team.

However, that wasn’t something the South American mix managed to do in today’s elimination match at the Americas RMR. That means the Marcelo “coldzera” David-led side won’t be present at the upcoming Major in Antwerpen next month.

The 2-1 score happened after two strong performances by 9z on both Mirage (16-11) and Inferno (16-10), with 00Nation winning their own pick of Inferno. 9z will be in action again tomorrow where they are set to continue their fight for a Major ticket.

9z – 00Nation 2-1 | PGL Major Antwerpen RMR Americas

16-11 (Mirage) | dgt – 1.52 Rating /27-17 K-D / 110.6 ADR

14-16 (Inferno) | try – 1.31 Rating / 22-15 K-D / 78.5 ADR

16-10 (Overpass) | dgt – 1.50 Rating / 28-15 K-D / 95.0 ADR

MVP: Franco ”dgt” Garcia | 1.31 Rating / 73-51 K-D / 90.3 ADR

Confirmed Major qualifiers:


Eliminated teams:

00Nation – Bad News Bears – Leviatan

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