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YEKINDAR on NiKo comment: I think he overreacted

It seems YEKINDAR will be cheering for FaZe in the second semifinal at BLAST World Final.

“I really hope to meet them [Liquid] again and to smash them. If we played them today or tomorrow, we would 2-0 them.”

That were the words from Nikola “NiKo” Kovac when we spoke to the G2 rifler at BLAST Fall Final. The quote is a direct answer to Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis after the Latvian criticized G2 after meeting them in the group stage.

Now the two hard-hitting riflers have the chance to go toe to toe in the Grand Final at BLAST World Final. But in an interview with Pley following their semifinal win over OG, YEKINDAR actually stated that he would prefer to avoid G2 and NiKo in tomorrow's title decider.

- Yeah [I would prefer to meet FaZe], because NiKo said that he would smash us 2-0. So, I don’t want to play G2 because they would probably smash us – I think he overreacted a bit with his statement. With him going personally about it, I don’t like it that much but I don’t really care that much also, YEKINDAR says to Pley.   

You can watch the entire interview with YEKINDAR down below.

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