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Who is going to end their winning streak?

Gambit and Heroic are meeting each other in the ESL Pro League final, and both teams have impressive winning streaks, but who´s is going to end?

Gambit has won their last ten games, with their last defeat being against the Danish organization Copenhagen Flames, where they disappointed everyone and lost because of a lack of respect for the opponent, who they thought was a walk-over. If they had won that game, they would have had a winning steak on 17 consecutive victories. 

Their opponent in the grand finale, Heroic is on a 9-consecutive winning streak and they haven’t lost after the signing of the two Danes refrezh and sjuush. The two signings have been playing on a high level since joining Heroic, and it seems like the roster have been playing together for several years, even though they joined the team under two months ago.

Watch refrezh´s ace to secure the first map today against FURIA here:

The last time Heroic lost was against tomorrow’s opponent Gambit, they lost by 2-1 but it was the last game before Heroic changed their roster and replaced niko and b0RUP with refrezh and sjuush.

Watch some highlights from Gambit’s victory against Heroic last time here:

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