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PGL bans Gambit and from RMR and Antwerpen Major

The two rosters will still be able to compete under a neutral name.

The host of the upcoming Antwerpen Major announced their decision to ban the two Russian Organizations today.

- With the current appalling situation in mind, we have decided that individuals and organizations with connections to the Russian government will not be allowed to be represented in upcoming RMR matches, and the PGL Antwerp Major, PGL explains on their website.

The tournament organizer has taken the same position as ESL, and will therefore allow the players from the two organizations to compete at the tournament.

- Therefore, as things stand, we will ban and Gambit Esports from participating in the RMR and the upcoming PGL Antwerp Major. We will, however, allow the players currently associated with and Gambit Esport to play under neutral names and jerseys, as we recognize that the players are not complicit in the situation.

The European RMR tournament is scheduled to take place from the 17th of April.

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