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Top 5 clutchers of 2022 (so far)

Three Russian players have made the top 5

A single round of Counter-Strike can be broken down into many different fragments and each and every one of these aspects is equally important. Whether it be getting the entry-frag for your team to gain space momentum or perhaps slowing down in the mid-round to secure that no error is being made before executing on a given site, every stage of a round calls for a different skill-set and often different types of players.

Most exciting is perhaps the late stage of a round, where only a few players, or perhaps even a single player, remain from each team. When a player is left alone to win a round, with no teammates standing, it is considered a clutch-situation. Whilst it might seem strange, some players have proven especially capable in these situations thanks to their cool, calm, and collected nature. Fitting these criteria is, perhaps the most notorious clutch-player in the history of CS:GO in "Xyp9x".

Unfortunately, "Xyp9x" and Astralis are no longer operating on the same level as their golden days. Instead, we will have to look toward new promising players to find our new clutch-king. 2022 has, already, brought many thrilling matchups and events and is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. And with great matches and events often come great clutches. Here are the Top 5 clutchers, so far, in 2022:

Perhaps it is no surprise that the 20-year-old Gambit AWP'er is topping the charts when it comes to clutches. An incredible 2021 season saw the young AWP'er collect a 4th. place for his individual performance in the 2021 season. Looking to best his previous performances, he has started the 2022 season with a great showcasing of his individual skill and clutch abilities.

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