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Highlight: Luck or skill? Sh1ro hits two crazy no-scopes

You don't need to scope when you are as good as "sh1ro"

The AWP, otherwise known as 'the big green', is one of, if not the most, powerful weapons in CS:GO. Allowing players to secure a kill with just one bullet to the body or head, there is little as oppressing as being picked off by the opposing team's AWP'er. More than just being a one-shot kill, the AWP is by far the most potent weapon for long duals across the various maps. Being able to scope in on your enemies allows for a great advantage when facing players who are forced to look down the iron sights of an AK-47 or perhaps the M4A1-S.

Whilst the AWP is, as mentioned, meant for longer duals and should almost always be used with the scope-feature it comes with, some scenarios call for more risky plays. Whilst it is most powerful when you are scoped in, the AWP can also be fired without utilizing the scope, making it less precise but faster to fire.

When Players faced Astralis in a thrilling brawl yesterday, the talented AWP'er Dmitry "sh1ro" Sokolov, showcased exactly how the big green can be utilized without scope. Taking down opponents without the scope of the AWP being used, "sh1ro" left us all wondering how he managed to do so. Is there a method to the madness or was he just incredibly lucky? Perhaps a bit of both - take a look:

"sh1ro" is by no means the first player in the history of Counter-Strike who has managed to create incredible highlights without the scope of the AWP. Take a look at some of the greatest no-scopes in the history of Counter-Strike.

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