Credit: StarLadder Igor Bezborodov

Player of the day: Sergey "Ax1Le" Rykhtorov

We have found our player of the day!

In the, arguably, most exciting Bo3-series of the day, BIG and Gambit locked horns in what turned out to be a very close brawl. Despite the Bo3-series reaching a conclusion in just two maps, BIG pushed Players (Gambit) to the extremities on both Vertigo and Ancient. Whilst it is often the AWP'er in "sh1ro" who steals the headlines within the roster, today the star of the show proved to be "Ax1Le". In addition to his scarily high skill-ceiling, the 19-year-old Russian was consistent throughout the entire series and played an instrumental part in today's victory for Players (Gambit).

Vertigo stats:

35-28 K-D | 93.0 ADR | 81.0% KAST | 1.37 Rating

Ancient stats:

24-21 K-D | 96.4 ADR | 80.0% KAST | 1.38 Rating

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