Credit: Roobet and Relog Media

FaZe and Gambit headline in new $250.000 tournament

A new top-tier CS:GO event has been revealed.

a CS:GO circuit dominated by heavy hitters like ESL and BLAST, it’s refreshing to see the lesser-known Relog Media step into the big league, with the announcement of Roobet Cup – a $250.000 online tournament set to be held in June this year.

According to, Roobet Cup will feature star-studded names like FaZe, Gambit,, FalleN’s Imperial.

Relog Media is the organizer behind tournaments like Pinnacle Cup, Funspark ULTI and Spring Sweet Spring. Tournaments that usually present tier-2 and tier-3 teams and a much lower prize pool, making Roobet Cup a major upgrade in line with today’s top-tier events.

Roobet Cup | Attending teams (so far)

FaZe – Gambit – – Copenhagen Flames – Entropiq – MOUZ – Imperial – NIP (rumoured) – Astralis (rumoured) – Heroic (rumoured)

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