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Gambit secure their spot in the Grand Final

Gambit swiftly sweeps BIG away in convincing fashion

Gambit and BIG went head to head in the Upper Final for a spot in the Grand Final.

Gambit had the first pick, and with it they picked Ancient. The map started out wonderfully for Gambit who got a dream start, taking seven rounds before the Germans were able to get on the board with three rounds of their own. The CIS-squad managed to take a commanding 11-4 lead at halftime, with the only bright spot for BIG being a strong performance on the b-site, by newest addition “faveN”.
The second half was not any better for the Germans of BIG as they only managed to take one round before losing the map 16-5, a repeat scoreline from the last time they faced each other at V4 Future Sports Festival 2021.

With their pick, BIG chose to take it to the old classic of Dust2. The Germans got off to a good start as they went up 3-1 after losing the pistol round. An all-around well-performing Gambit squad answered back hard and managed to take nine of the last eleven of the half, sending BIG to halftime with only five rounds.
Gambit continued their streak of rounds, picking up the pistol, but were silenced in the next round by the force-buy of BIG that was getting desperate for round wins. The German squad started to look a bit more consistent than they had done the rest of the series, as they started to claw back rounds. In the end, it was all for naught as Gambit closed out the map at 16-10.

With the win, Gambit secures their spot in the Grand Final and a chance to win $150.000, while BIG will have to face Entropiq in the Consolidation Final.

Gambit - BIG (2-0) | Funspark ULTI Finals

16-5 (Ancient) | Ax1Le - 1.65 Rating / 23-13 K-D / 108.5 ADR

16-10 (Dust2) | sh1ro - 1.30 Rating / 19-12 K-D / 69.4 ADR

MVP: Dmitry "sh1ro" Sokolov - 1.39 Rating / 36-19 K-D / 70.4 ADR

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