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Gambit takes home first trophy of 2022

Another great performance from sh1ro saw Gambit win Funspark Ulti 2021 Finals in style.

2022 has begun on the same note as last year ended. The CIS teams have not forgotten how to play the game, which became evident at the first event of the year with tier 1 teams included.

In the Grand Final of Funspark Ulti 2021 Finals, Entropiq and Gambit were the last teams standing in the tournament, that had Astralis, BIG, Fnatic, and Complexity among the participants.

The battle of the $150.000 started on Mirage, where Entropiq a few days ago had managed to win against Gambit in the second round of the tournament. But in the Grand Final, it was all Gambit. After a 9-6 lead at the break, it was the CT-side of Gambit that broke Entropiq. Dmitry 'sh1ro' Sokolov demolished NickelBack, Krad, and Forester going 15-1 against the three Entropiq players, who quickly had to realize, that it was just “one of those days”.

sh1ro, who before the Grand Final had amassed a very impressive 1.45 rating during the 9 maps of the tournament so far, just added more fuel to the incoming MVP award with another insane match. Mirage got done in a swift 16-7 fashion before the match turned to Gambit’s map pick, Dust2.

Entropiq has been the "comeback" team of the tournament. Several times Aleksei 'NickelBack' Trofimov and his teammates have had one leg out of the tournament and still found their way back. On Dust2 they once again turned the odds in their favor with a fine CT-side that gave them a 9-6 lead at the break.

In the second half Gambit quickly equalized the lead, and from there on it was one-way traffic. Gambit won the Grand Final with a 16-12 win.

Gambit wins $150.000 in first prize with the win, while Entropiq takes home $50.000. Both teams have qualified for Funspark Ulti 2022.

Gambit - Entropiq (2-0) | Funspark ULTI Finals (Grand Final)

16-7 (Mirage) | sh1ro - 1.59 Rating / 21-7 K-D / 84.1 ADR

16-12 (Dust2) | sh1ro - 1.26 Rating / 22-15 K-D / 81.0 ADR

MVP: Dmitry "sh1ro" Sokolov - 1.40 Rating / 43-22 K-D / 82.4 ADR

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