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Was the criticism of HooXi fair?

It has been a tough start for the former Copenhagen Flames player receiving a lot of criticism after his debut tournament.

G2’s new in-game leader Ramus “HooXi” Nielsen became the talk of the town after the conclusion of BLAST Premier Fall Groups last month, with the Danish captain posting a 0.71 Rating / -85 K-D ratio. Something, which started a heavy debate inside the CS:GO community about whether HooXi is good enough to play for G2.

HooXi himself also touched on the matter in an interview with us, saying that “most of the people talking trash don't know what they are talking about”.

However, was HooXi really that bad?

Together with, we took a deeper look at HooXi’s statistics and numbers from his first events as a G2 member. They actually show that the criticism and concerns regarding HooXi are blown out of proportion.

While his TTK and accuracy are indeed below average, the difference is not critical, and it’s an acceptable price to pay for what the team believes is a great IGL. Karrigan’s average rating 2.0 in his last bo3’s is actually only 0.77, and it’s unfair to point out HooXi as a subpar player for being under pressure, which seems to negatively affect the stats of every successful IGL. stats from BLAST Premier Fall Groups


Other players’ avg.

Rifle TTK (ms)



Accuracy Spotted (Rifles, on visible enemies)



HS %, Rifles



Enemies full-flashed per throw



TTK: Time to kill

Accuracy Spotted: All hits divided by all shots while you had an enemy spotted. Given that we can detect when you had an enemy spotted, this is the most accurate number to measure your accuracy by.

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