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m0NESY: HooXi is calling really, really well

We spoke with the biggest CS:GO talent in the world "m0NESY"

If G2 is known for anything it is their firepower and ability to take down any opponent in their way thanks to the individual talent within their international roster.

"NiKo" and his troops proved exactly how dangerous they can be today when they took down the German Machine that is BIG. Whilst G2 have struggled with consistency, you can never count them out of any matchup, and a huge part of that is thanks to their only 17-year-old AWP'er "m0NESY". Albeit still a teenager, "m0NESY" has already proven himself multiple times and seems to only get better as time passes.

We spoke with the 17-year-old super talent after their victory against BIG. The Russian AWP'er points toward the new IGL "HooXi" as part of the reason why G2 managed to surpass BIG, seemingly with ease:

"I think we surprised them a lot with out play style, because of our new captain HooXi. He is calling really, really well."

To hear more from a happy "m0NESY" after their victory against BIG, you can watch the exclusive interview posted down below:

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