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Vitality ready for NAVI at BLAST Fall Groups

The Bees edged past G2 after a thriller map on Inferno.

The two teams started out by losing their own map picks in spectacular fashion. On Vertigo G2 only managed to win four rounds, while Vitality did one better on their map pick of Nuke.

The match continued on Inferno, where Vitality immediately took control on their CT side. It was not until m0NESY made an incredible 1vs4 clutch at 0-7 down, that G2 got their first glimpse of hope.

The clutch initiated G2 and saw them winning four rounds in a row before Vitality regained composure and won three rounds more to take a 10-5 lead with them to the second half.

For G2 it was a problem, that in-game leader Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen could not get anything going in terms of kills. The Dane ended Inferno with a 2-21 K-D scoreline, which left his teammates with a mountain to climb in almost all rounds. Inferno ended as a one-sided affair with Vitality taking home a 16-4 victory.

G2 is still not out but will have to win on Sunday against the loser of NAVI vs Vitality tomorrow to qualify for BLAST Fall Finals.

G2 Esports – Team Vitality 1-2 | BLAST Premier Fall Groups

4-16 (Vertigo) | Spinx – 1.83 Rating / 24-9 K-D / 112.7 ADR

16-5 (Nuke) | NiKo – 2.01 Rating / 27-8 K-D / 122.3 ADR

6-16 (Inferno) | Rating / K-D / ADR

MVP: Rating / K-D / ADR

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