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Video: sjuush cleans up bombsite A with 4 kills

The Danish rifler Rasmus “sjuush” Beck defense the bombsites with pure class, the consistency is unreal from the new Danish star from Heroic.

Since refrezh and sjuush joined Heroic, they have been like another team, they have been more consistent where they have gotten themselves great results, against difficult opponents.

The thing that makes Heroic so strong is their CT side, the way they defend the bombsites are in absolutely first class, and of course, sjuush delivers yet another 4k round as the CT side.

sjuush joined the Danish organization in late February 2021, and he hasn’t looked back ever since, the team has performed on a very high level, and it seems like they are more to come from this roster.

Playing in the shadow, sjuush isn’t the most media-covered player, but he has been consistent, especially in his CT defense, where he has been outstanding for Heroic.

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