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Video: NiKo’s highlights with FaZe

Three and a half years with FaZe clan has come to an end for the Bosnian prodigy.

The Spanish organization has completed the signing of the FaZe superstar Nikola “Niko” Kovac.

His addition from mousesports back in 2017, was at the time reported as one of the most expensive transfers in CS:GO history. He was the key in FaZe’s evolution as a title contender and number one team in the world, a position FaZe occupied for several weeks in late 2017-early 2018.

NiKo helped his European team clinch ten titles at LAN tournaments, from where he earned MVP awards in six of them.

“With tears in my eyes, I have to say goodbye.” NiKo said in his TwitLonger post.

Watch FaZe’s highlights with NiKo in their “Goodbye” video:

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