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Video: Inside Vitality's IEM Rio Major run

Take a look behind the scenes with Team Vitality.

With the IEM Rio Major being done and over, Vitality just released a video on their YouTube channel where they take the CS:GO community inside of Vitality's IEM Rio run.

IEM Rio Major was kicked off back in late October with Vitality having high hopes for themselves going into the tournament. Coming off to a great start was Vitality as they took down imperial to go 1-0 in the swiss rounds. Vitality came into the Legends stage but ended up falling short going 1-3 as the team they played against got much better.

In the Youtube Video, the French/Danish team invited us all a step closer to what it looks like inside a Major event. The fans get to see the huge hype behind a Major, and even Vitality practices doing the time between matches.

Take a look at how things looked at the Vitality camp throughout the Major in Rio:

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