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Veteran CS analyst: FalleN can help Liquid kick on upwards

Can FalleN save Team Liquid? The well-known CS analyst Richard Lewis comments on Liquid’s future that very well could include the Brazilian AWPer.

Richard Lewis is reacting to the Grand Final of IEM’s Global Challenge in an interview with DEXERTO. Despite being the Grand Slam matchup that everyone had hoped for, Astralis swept Team Liquid aside in three to claim the lion’s share of $500.000. 

Immediately after his loss, Liquid’s Twistzz announced his departure from the squad, teasing towards a future in EU. FalleN is an early front-runner as the Canadian’s replacement, but is he the right man for the job? 

The veteran CS analyst had some words on the possible transfer and expects a bright future for the North-American team.

“I think FalleN can actually help them kick on upwards and I think he’ll be motivated to do it. Everyone will listen to him as he has that weight to him because he’s a legend. He will come into the team and take over the AWP role as it hasn’t worked out for Stewie2K at all. We need to see a Stewie2K that’s running around with a rifle doing crazy things,” Richard Lewis said in the interview. 

Listen in on the full interview with CS analyst Richard Lewis right here: 

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