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Twistzz: The skill gap between tier-1 and tier-2 players is gone

We have caught up with the FaZe rifler for an interview before BLAST Premier Fall Final.

The difference in level between the lower-tier players to the CS:GO elite is non-existent. At least if you ask FaZe superstar Russel “Twistzz” van Dulken.

In an interview before BLAST Premier Fall Final this week, the Canadian rifler has spoken with us about the current state of competitive Counter-Strike and how the younger generation is catching up to top-tier players skill-wise.

- At the end of the day, Counter-Strike is about aiming. It relies a lot on mechanics, and when young players are grinding the game, they obviously catch up pretty fast. I used to feel before that there was a skill gap between tier-2 and tier-1 players – but not really anymore. It’s more on who’s having the better leader or the most experience.

You can watch the entire interview with Twistzz down below. Here, the 23-year-old rifler also touches on aspects such as the new update by Valve, the state of NA CS:GO, and FaZe's disappointing result at IEM Rio.

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